Monday, September 8, 2008

Bubble Trouble

Up till two months ago my son was a fairly regular visitor to the community pool managing a decent number of laps in an hour or so. If he ever swam too vigorously and became out of breath he would counter that problem by blowing bubbles under water: A technique to control breathing that was taught to him by his old swimming coach.
One day, after a few energetic lengths he decided to apply this technique before resuming his strokes. Not far from him, lounging in one of the shallow corners of the pool, a middle aged gentleman was resting with his back to the wall and arms spread eagle like on the support pipe running along the sides of the pool. As my son proceeded to release the air from his mouth he glanced sideways, towards the submerged lower half of the man and saw similar bubbles coming out of his ....... ahem ........ swimming trunks. Apparently the man was also getting rid of some air but very obviously from the wrong end.
Totally taken aback by this unseemly act and shocked at the man’s disrespect for propriety in a public place, my son did the only thing he could. He swam as hard as he could and ended up at the far side of the pool at a speed that may have matched Phelps’ performance at Beijing. For the next twenty minutes or so my son played the self invented game of “let’s put as much distance between myself and that infernal bubble machine”, by swimming to the other side of the pool every time he saw that man heading towards his end.
Well, to cut the long story short, that was the last time my boy visited the community pool. And since summer is coming to an end, it is hardly likely that he will go back there again this year. I am hoping that by next summer the memory of the bubble blowing rear end of that idiot would have faded enough for me to persuade him to resume his aquatic activities once again.
But honestly,
The things people do when they think no one is watching.