Saturday, December 17, 2016

To happy and safe arrivals :-)

My baby is to come home from her university in a few days and I wish the time would pass slowly.   Crazy ! right?
The thing is that I know once she arrives the days are going to fly and before I know, it will be time for her to leave.  And then ……..… I am going to wish with all my heart that somehow time would go back to the point when she was still about to arrive and not about to leave, back to the point where there were no goodbyes and departures to dread but hugs and kisses to look forward to.

And that is why I want time to pass slowly because I know that in barely a month’s time, these very days that I am living through now are going to become my most yearned after point in time. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Feeling Ashamed and Angry :-(

What is wrong with our media???
My son came home yesterday and told me that a boarder at his university had been found dead in his room. The cause of death: drug overdose, is not being publicly disclosed as yet out of respect for his parents. The parents will eventually have to be told of course once they arrive but till then everyone is keeping mum about it. 
Today I saw the news on several TV channels who are running the clip again and again complete with the student's name and picture. Don't know who leaked the news to the media but apparently someone did. 
Do they even realize how devastating this could be for the grieving family? 
How badly it is going to hurt them? 
All our media is concerned with is increasing its own stupid ratings. It has no respect for anyone, not even the dead.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Achievement vs Success (part II)

Having written previously about achievement, I would now like to add something about success, Are they both the same thing ?  Does achievement automatically signify success as well ?
Maybe yes and maybe no.
So what exactly is success? How do you measure it?
Success comes in many forms. There can be no set definition of success but for me the meaning of success is very simple: Success is a synonym of happiness.
There can be no success without happiness.
That is why from my point of view a content housewife managing the affairs of her household is just as successful as a CEO of a multinational company.
Success is not about having power; it is not even about controlling lives and futures. It is about making a difference, no matter how small, in someone’s life and feeling good about it.
Never measure success from a worldly point of view, instead one should always rely on intrinsic scales to assess this achievement and if the scales of the balance tip on the contentment side , you have  a clear winner.
So what course of action should one follow in life? The fast paced achiever's route or the more laid back slow paced one? I suppose it would depend upon the individual. What ever makes one happy, should be the road to follow.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Achievement vs Success (part I)

According to the wise words of one of my old teachers, "if your last achievement is more than five years old it is as good as obsolete, time to work on something new".
Makes sense to me.
What most people don’t realize is that achievement like any other thing has a life span which is usually not that long. Very few accomplishments have such a massive impact that their significance and magnitude transcends generations. As for the rest it is like a flower in bloom, amazing while it lasts but not worth much once it has wilted. So it is probably not a good idea for people to brag about some amazing feat they accomplished 25 or so years ago. Not only does it sound immodest, it also draws attention to the fact that they have accomplished nothing worth mentioning since then.
For those who have that ever pinching ambitious streak in them, they should know that one’s life should not revolve around one event, one goal or one accomplishment. It should be a constant struggle to excel, a desire to move beyond the point they have previously reached.
To continue to strive for better and beyond is true achievement.