Thursday, December 8, 2011


I once read somewhere that the biggest advantage of being unorganized is that you are constantly making new discoveries or, as I have found to my delight, rediscovering old things.
The joy of coming across something you had thought lost forever can only be experienced by the messy. The well organized have no clue as to how much pleasure even a simple random discovery can give.
My latest discovery was made while going though the accessories of a food processing machine that hadn't seen the light of the day for several years.It was a long lost graduated cylinder that measures the precise amount of water to be poured into an egg boiler. I have already mentioned on my blog that with out this cylinder my fancy egg boiler had become pretty much useless.
Well it is not useless anymore.
So soft boiled, medium boiled, hard boiled or any kind of eggs that one could possibly wish to have can now be made to order.
Breakfast anyone?