Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to work again

It has been a while since I have written and uploaded anything. Over the past six months or so there were several things that I could have written but didn’t simply because I did not have the time to do so.
After several years of a self imposed “break” I have once again gone back to work.
The problem is that I had not realized how lazy I had become over the years or how hectic I would find my new routine. On the positive side it keeps me busy.Very busy. The down side of it is that I no longer have the free time to do as I please, when I please or indulge in any of my favorite, if even meaningless, activities any more. All this I have traded for a five day a week’s vigorous work routine that provides me with a paycheck at the end of a month. But the question I keep asking my self is that is it all worth it?  And am I being paid enough?
Considering all the things I have given up I don’t think any amount anyone can ever pay me will ever be enough.
Doing nothing is priceless. Not many people can afford it.