Sunday, May 1, 2011

Decelarating Time

I have discovered the secret to slowing time down, something guaranteed to make it go by at a snail’s pace.
And the secret is to stop eating.
This is not a joke. The best way to slow down time is to GO ON A DIET.
I started mine about a month ago and it is still only day seven.
Believe me it works. How else would I have managed to stretch my week to over a month?
Well my diet is almost over. The best part of it was that it was only a seven day plan so today is last day of my diet.
I will leave the complex workings of the Time Universe relationship to geniuses like Stephen Hawking and like. As for myself I am going to celebrate the end of a torturous near starvation week by having a Paratha with a huge fluffy omelet for breakfast tomorrow morning.