Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have finally unraveled the mystery of my weekend headaches.
I have been subject to those headaches for quite a while now but could never understand why they occurred punctually over the weekends.
It came down to the most important question in the end:
What makes my weekend different from every other day? Or to be more precise, what do I do on the weekends that I normally don’t do on the weekdays to trigger these headaches.
The answer was simple; I usually sleep in on weekends.
Weekday mornings are like whirlwind: me getting ready for work, rushing after the kids, urging them to hurry. Sometimes the morning goes by so fast that it is no more than a blur in my memory.
But weekends are different.
I relax on weekends.
It is one of the things that I enjoy, knowing that I don’t have to rush to be anywhere so I sleep in. But as a result I end up with a throbbing that lasts half to full day.
So the solution is that if I want a painless weekend, I have to treat it exactly the same as all other days and be a good little early bird.
Sometimes I just love God’s sense of humour, for making the cure even more distasteful than the ailment.