Thursday, November 17, 2011

H Plus

All kids mispronounce a few words when they are little but my daughter was a champion at it. She had an entire list of words that she would twist in her mouth. The funny thing was that her mispronunciations were catchier then the actual words themselves.
For instance Kamra (room) was pronounced as Karma. Chakkar (dizziness) would become Kachar, Chocolate was Chlokate and so on. The best one was perhaps Katchpali which was her version of the word Chipkali (lizard). Since there was an abundant number of those surrounding the porch light during the evenings, the word was uttered with persistent frequency.
I thought she had out grown this habit until she came to me today saying that Nana is asking for an “H Plus”.
And I was like …..What?
Turned out Nana had asked for a Pech Kus (screw driver)
Took me a while (not to mention a consultation with Nana himself) to figure that one out