Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Another year has passed and it is 14 August once again and each year I think that I should have done something more than just tying up a green and white flag on my balcony. I used to put in ten times more effort into celebrating our independence day only up till a few years ago when the kids were young and probably a hundred times more when I was young myself.
Back then Independence Day was all about celebrating and most people (including myself) celebrated by decorating their houses with “ jhandian” which were little green and white paper flags tied together with a string.
As cheap and as common as those little flags were, they were the typical Independence Day decorations and were surprisingly not at all unbecoming. I hardly see them now; I guess they have gone out of fashion, at least in the area that I live. This is a great pity because the way I see it there is nothing childish about Independence Day decorations and to me they are not just decorations. They are a symbol of hope; a strong belief in a better future; a belief that has somehow still managed to remain intact despite the long and arduous load shedding schedules, despite the over abundance of corrupt politicians and despite the sorry state of affairs that we seem to be witnessing these days. Why do I still believe? I believe in it because it is still my country and I own it. I am not going to walk away from it just because of a few ups and downs that it happens to be facing at the time.
So my enthusiasm is still there but I guess the energy has drained over the years.
I just realized what I have been doing wrong. Instead of promising my self that I would be more actively prepared for this special day next year, I should be passing on the torch to the younger generation. Instead of trying to keep up with my childhood traditions alone I should guide my kids to carry them on from here on. After all this day is not about just me it is about us.
It does not have to be about decorations or even hoisting up of a flag on the balcony, but rather any gesture that reaffirms our own faith in our solidarity and shows everyone else that we still believe in our country and that there is still hope as long as we are together.
Pakistan Zindabad