Monday, March 2, 2009

Sure music heals but sometimes hurts too

Now we all know about protest group and the things they do to get attention. Don’t get me wrong, I have all the respect for them (well for some of them any way) but I heard of the doings of one that induced laughter more than admiration.
It so happened that while vacationing in England last summer we decided to take a guided tour to see the changing of the guard’s ceremony.
The royal guards traditionally start their daily parade from St James palace and end it at Buckingham palace.
As we waited for the guards to come out, our tour guide proceeded to tell us a about a protest group demonstration that had taken place in front of St. James palace a while ago (unfortunately I neither recall the name of the group nor what they were protesting about). One of the members of the group decided he would be better heard (or seen) if he could lodge his protest from inside St. James palace. As the band that precedes the guards was playing in front of the palace, this guy made a dash to enter the building. He somehow got past the mounted security officials (as well as the unmounted ones) and started dodging between the band players to get inside the building. Now we all know that the guards along with band members are an extremely disciplined lot.
No matter what, these guys don’t leave their positions what ever the temptation may be.
Apparently that protesting guy thought so too.
Poor guy thought he had made it to the palace as he ran zig zag between the band members playing on their respective instruments. Alas, just as he passed the guy with the cymbals, the musician suddenly widened his arc and hit the guy “bang” on his head with the cymbal.

That was the end of the protestor’s efforts as he fell to the ground unconscious.
Whereas the band and the guards, true to their creed, undaunted and unmoved by what had taken place, delicately stepped over him and continued with their parade to Buckingham palace.
The police came and arrested the protestor afterwards.
So moral of the story according to our tour guide was:

Stay away from the guy with the cymbals.