Sunday, June 19, 2016

Achievement vs Success (part II)

Having written previously about achievement, I would now like to add something about success, Are they both the same thing ?  Does achievement automatically signify success as well ?
Maybe yes and maybe no.
So what exactly is success? How do you measure it?
Success comes in many forms. There can be no set definition of success but for me the meaning of success is very simple: Success is a synonym of happiness.
There can be no success without happiness.
That is why from my point of view a content housewife managing the affairs of her household is just as successful as a CEO of a multinational company.
Success is not about having power; it is not even about controlling lives and futures. It is about making a difference, no matter how small, in someone’s life and feeling good about it.
Never measure success from a worldly point of view, instead one should always rely on intrinsic scales to assess this achievement and if the scales of the balance tip on the contentment side , you have  a clear winner.
So what course of action should one follow in life? The fast paced achiever's route or the more laid back slow paced one? I suppose it would depend upon the individual. What ever makes one happy, should be the road to follow.